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31 August 2020

Amendments to Client Agreement

  1. Our Client Agreement has been amended. This notice contains a summary of the latest changes to the Client Agreement.
  2. The definitions used in the explanations of the material amendments below are the same definitions used in the Client Agreement.
  3. Material amendments made to the Client Agreement.

3.1 The Client Agreement has been replaced in full by a new Client Agreement.

3.2 The Fee Schedule has been amended. Our minimum charge for SA Instruments will increase from R 30.00 per trade to R 60.00 per trade.

  1. Conclusion

4.1. Having regard to the abovementioned changes, we wish to inform you that the new Client Agreement (“New Agreement”) and Fee Schedule will take effect 1 (one) Business Days after the date on which they are delivered to you and/or published on the Website (31/08/2020) (“effective date”) and that, after the effective date, our relationship and your Transactions will be governed by this New Agreement and Fee Schedule.

4.2. If you are not in agreement with the New Agreement and Fee Schedule, you may give us 5 (five) Business Days written notice to cancel the current Client Agreement and discontinue using our services by sending an email to which notice must be received by us on or before the effective date. You must then close out your Transactions during the 5 (five) Business Day notice period and you will not be allowed to enter into any new Transaction during the notice period.

4.3. If you do not give notice to cancel the current Client Agreement and close your Account on or before the effective date, then you are deemed to have accepted the New Client Agreement and if you continue to enter into Transactions using the Trading Platform after the effective date you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the New Agreement.

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